Who we are and
what we do

We are the team of enthusiastic and mobile addicted professionals who provides advertising and consulting services for the promotion and monetization of mobile applications as well as development of our own mobile applications. In the past our team successfully developed and launched our own products: mobile office applications for iOS and Android and Smart Home products

Our Services

Monetization & Subscription Optimization

Optimize onboarding, paywalls, and overall monetization strategy to increase ARPU/LTV and Revenue.

Monetize Better

Growth Consulting

Let us determine your growth low hanging fruits, retention drivers, improve messaging and positioning.

Grow Metrics

Performance Marketing

User acquisition strategies and management to optimize your CPA on Facebook Ads, TikTok, ASA, etc.

Succeed with Marketing

Mobile App Development

We develop different range of mobile product, primarily in the field of improving the efficiency of mobile devices, ad blocking and safe Internet surfing.

Grow Mobile App

Our Results

100+ A/B Tests After


Successful A/B tests


Average LTV increase after the 1st month of partnership


From signed contract to first real impact on metrics
(on average)

Our clients

Our key Clients right now are Joom (Cellar Door Limited), RIVERA Consultants and Futurra Group.
We are currently negotiating with other mature and startup companies to increase our customer base.

Our Project

Home Fit

  • At-home simple and effective workouts
  • Individual meal plans
  • Support every step
  • Water tracker

Contact Us


Address: Theodorou Mavrosavva, 27, Lympia, 2566, Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone number: +357 9682 88 42